we are 10

The cake and party hats are out in the office, as we have reached the big 10! Time has flown over the past ten years, and our business has grown considerably over this period.

Our ten-year anniversary has given us the time to reflect on the steps we have taken since we opened our doors in 2007.

It gave us the opportunity to celebrate with our employees, who have been instrumental in getting us to where we are today. So, we thought this would be a great time to take a little trip down memory lane…

Prototype Creative was an idea that was brought to life in 2007 by myself, Gav Winder (Graphic Designer), and Josh Abbotts (Website Developer). We met at college when we were 16 years old, and remained friends while we launched our own careers. At the age of 24, we decided to join forces and form a company so that we could achieve more. That is when the idea for Prototype Creative was brought to life. Our path began on the Rotherham Youth Enterprise Scheme, which is a project designed to give new start-up companies a boost.

Life began in a 150 sq. ft. office in Rotherham, and our first few years were difficult, to say the least. It’s fair to say that timing was not on our side, as our first year in business was when the recession hit in the UK. But, we battled through, and in our second year we won two awards: Best New Start Up and Entrepreneur of the Year, awarded by Rotherham Enterprise Network. Our first employee was Dorna Kelly, who remains with us to this day. We hired Dorna as a part-time administrator, yet she is now an AAT Qualified Book-keeper, working as the Head of Finance and HR at Prototype Creative.

Our company has grown considerably over the last decade. We have progressed upwards and outwards in the Graphic Design and Web Development sectors, and we have also diversified into Digital Marketing, Print Management, Large-Format Printing, App Development and Touchscreen Technology. This enables us to provide our clients with bespoke solutions that are catered to them. We are constantly learning and developing; we adapt to the newest trends and technologies to ensure we are always ahead of the game. We are sure our business will have grown, expanded and entered new markets by the time we reach 20 years old.

As we now have teams of professionals across Graphic Design, Web Design, Bespoke Development and Digital Marketing, we have been able to reach new clients across numerous industries. This not only includes clients based in the UK, but companies all over the world. Each client has brought a new challenge and a new experience, and we want to thank each and every one of you for joining us on our journey. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take you all to Dublin (the plane wasn’t big enough!), which is where we went to celebrate our anniversary. We closed the offices and had a great weekend, which you can read about here.

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