We have been producing Mobile Apps at Prototype Creative for many years using various technologies.

We are more than capable of producing Web Apps or Software solutions and you can find more information about this in our bespoke development section.

Primarily we specialise in Apps for iOS & Android we have however we have previously worked on both Windows Mobile and FireOS - albeit demand for these is not that high due to their low market share.

Our App development services include both build and ongoing maintenance to ensure that your App is kept up to date with the latest advances in technology and to ensure that it works on all versions of the systems.

As you would expect we are signed up to all the relevant beta programmes to ensure that we get early access to any upcoming operating system updates to fix any problems before they arise.

We also have an iOS Enterprise License meaning that we are allowed to create and distribute Apps outside of the App Store as and when required - this is generally reserved for Apps where you do not want the general public to have access.

Some previous examples of Apps include: an in-house app for updating chosen individuals on the companies press coverage, one that reads "invisible watermarks" in a book and provides appropraite content, an app for scanning ingredients to generate a menu, a news app with regular push notifications for updates, a job seekers app and more.

If required we are more than capable of integrating with third party plugins to add on extra functionality or to build an entire app from scratch it's all down to the brief.

Along with the other sections of Prototype Creative we are able to help provide an entire solution for an App, ensuring a coherent message throughout.

Prototype Creative are also able to provide white label development services to other clients so should you require extra capacity within your own team, a specialist to work on a particular project or a custom extension creating we are able to help.

If you would like more information on the services we have available then please contact us

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