Getting to know your business, industry and customers, our PPC marketing division creates targeted strategies that produce instant, traceable ROI.

As a PPC agency, we use our knowledge of paid search marketing to develop and implement campaigns that help our clients achieve their sales and brand awareness goals.

Achieve your goals

ppc management services

Paid search advertising covers more than placing you at the top of search results. Using Display Ads, Shopping Ads, Video Ads and Remarketing, we can help you benefit from advertising that is shown to your target audience while they browse the internet or social media platforms.

google ads

We are experts in developing unique (not out of the box solutions) campaigns to increase brand awareness, enquiries and sales.

display advertising

Using the Google Display Network (GDN), we advertise your organisation to a target audience within placements on thousands of websites.

google shopping

Want to create a frictionless ecommerce and drive more sales? We use Google Ads to place your products at the top of the shopping result pages.


Don’t let your web visitors forget who you are! We use Google Ads to produce specific adverts that target an audience that has previously visited your website.

social media advertising

Our experts in social advertising create full-scale campaigns that engage with a target audience at different stages of the conversion funnel.

landing page optimisation

Its all well and good having a great looking ad, but what happens when it is actually clicked. We create engaging landing pages that convert!

the prototype approach to paid search marketing

Taking a step back, from what is commonly perceived to be a daunting task, reveals that pay-per-click advertising isn’t scary at all.

Everything to do with PPC is driven by data. Understanding this, our team of PPC specialists analyse data to create, implement and maintain multiple campaigns that deliver on specific conversion targets.

Constantly adjusting bidding strategies and testing user experience, we produce the best ROI possible to achieve short and long-term business goals while competing in a very competitive market.

There are always new ways to improve PPC advertising and we never miss an opportunity. Our account management services include constant Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to ensure all aspects are contributing to the success of the over all Pay Per Click advertising campaigns.

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